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  • Pedro

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  • Big Mum

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  • Katakuri

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  • Capone

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    Quote Originally Posted by giantbiceps View Post
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    What makes you think she wears underwear?
    wouldnt your eyes suicide if they saw that?
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    Brook saw Big Mom in underwear and survived, he is MVP in this (Big Mon changed clothes when she went to sleep)
    Its because he doesn't have eyes

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    Brook has been great this whole arc, standing down Big Mom, stealing the poneglyph contents from under her nose, and breaking the Mother Caramel photo when it looked like the plan was about to fail. I still have to give it to Capone Bege.

    Capone and his plan actually came seconds away from killing a Yonko if not for a sudden surge in her screaming. The only flaw in his plan was putting faith that those rockets would be able to connect to Big Mom, which is honestly more of a fault with Caesar's rockets then it was Capone's plan. If Ceasar had used something tougher like Wapolmetal or seastone as the base for those rockets then Big Mom may very well be dead right now with Bege, Luffy, and Clown headed off on their merry way as the Big Mom Pirates can do nothing but curse their name.

    Aside from that he put down Pekoms and immediately took charge, having the Strawhats and Caesar dancing to his tune (I know this was Zou arc, but this was basically what kicked off the events of Whole Cake Island, so it's worth mentioning). He had a son with such high testosterone levels that he has perma-stubble as an infant, kept up a façade that fooled the entire Charlotte Family and Big Mom Pirates and had him promoted to rook without drawing any suspicion, we learned he got his start as a pirate by single handedly conquering the 5 underworld bosses of West Blue just for the thrills, stood down Katakuri (who's honestly more competent than his captain) and talked shit to his face, and basically spent an entire chapter taking hits from an enraged Big Mom to buy the alliance a bit of time. Then he left the scene as his own man and not some Strawhat groupie like all of the other arc support they've ever worked with. It's also worth noting that the Firetanks have been taking charge and issuing commands left and right, whereas the Strawhats haven't given a single order to the Firetanks.

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    Brooke is the only real canidate. Everybody else is tied for second. All really good. If were going by actual competence Dogthooth and brooke easy. But as far as adding to the arc and making it interesting as well as making tge charactee more intruiging. Pedro, capone BM and Jenbe all bRought joy to WCI

    CRACKER should be mentioned also. Only being a minor fight he really set the pace for WCI. Showing not only is Luffy strong but no match for a yonkou but that even with a massive army a true Yonkou would be nearly impossible to beat. Pudding also set the pace for all BMs children. How devided they are in both loyalty to the family and fear of the same family.

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    Capone was MVP the second he shot Pekoms in the back on Zou.

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    Gang bege the gangsta.

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    1. Brook
    2. Capone
    3. Luffy
    4. Sanji/Jimbei
    5. Caesar
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    Well I wouldn't want you to lose 5 years of your life only to discover that you'll never beat me
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    Meanwhile ... Fab beat me I'm sorry guys

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    For the Straw Hat Alliance:
    - Brook
    - Capone
    - Jinbei

    For the Big Mom Pirates:
    - Katakuri
    - Streusen
    - Perospero

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