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    By T.S.

    Stone slathered slick with mould grime and
    Us. It made us, like condensation on a cold windscreen
    I had me when I was beset with sorrows
    I had you when I was frenetic with joy
    So possessed that the skipping stones would pass by
    And we would wallow in that ebb and flow, oblivious to stone
    We were not petrified by time
    We were felled by its dissonant ravines
    You, not we, I, not we,
    A world apart
    You were Janus
    When I look closer
    You, the abyss, look back, your eyes coated with what could have been
    Washed in egg whites bleached with charred cinder.
    Then I know
    We were of the same animate copper face
    It was fate that took the coin apart
    Left us on two sides of the same bridges

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    Damn this is good

    It has no structure though because I just bullshitted it in like 10 minutes

    I think I'll write more but I have nothing to write about to be honest. Maybe I'll force another sappy love/heartbreak poem out.

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