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Thread: RIP Joan Lee

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    RIP Joan Lee

    Yesterday, July 6, Joan Lee passed from this world. Wife of Stan Lee for 69 years, she was 93 when she died from problems with a stroke she had been hospitalized for a week ago.

    While she's not a comic icon of any stature, she may have played one of the most important roles in comic book history with inspiring Stan Lee himself.

    Legend has it that Lee was down on his feelings about staying in the industry and was thinking of leaving to do something else. Joan challenged him to at least make one more book he was proud of before he did that instead of the schlock he felt he was forced to write and make. And so he did.

    We would come to know that creation as Marvel's First Family: The Fantastic Four. But if I'm being honest I'm sure her influence popped up a few more times than Stan will admit.

    So RIP, Joan.

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    RIP. She pushed him to make F4? Goob job, now if only FOX would sell those movie rights back.

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