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    Who would be best General for young generation to serve under

    All famous GG in their youth served under some General for battle experience. Tou who is a GG now served under Ouki for long time .
    So when Shin, Mouten and Ouhon becomes Generals, who would be better General for each of them?
    Ousen already claimed Mouten for his army and I agree with him. Ousen is best mentor General for Mouten.
    Ouhon could work under Tou, i guess. They both seems like all rounders.
    It is Shin who is difficult case here. There is no longer any exceptional Instinctual General in Qin's army for Shin to teach. The best one for Shin , Duke Hyou is already dead.
    It is shame that Renpa went to Chu and not Qin.
    What do you guys think?

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    I agree.
    So far Mouten looks best under Ousen. Alternately SHK (but he's not a GG that usually takes the field)

    Ouhon should learn more steadiness from Tou. He's a bit too hot headed now

    Shin.... With Duke Hyou dead, if he keep not doing anything in strategical department then he should try to learn under Moubu honestly...

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    Agree with the pairings.I would also add Yotanwa as Shin's possible mentor.

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    Imo, Moubu would be a great role model for Shin. I'd be happier to see Shin go the way of Moubu rather than Duke Hyou. Have him learn some basic tactics and formations where his strength can be used most effectively. Shin could use his instincts to supplement that and strike at weak points once he opens up a hole in the enemy's formation.

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    I also think having Mouten with Ousen and Ouhon with Tou, but it might become vice-versa or possibly Mouten remaining under SHK's supervision but then again SHK already has Mouki with him.

    As for Shin, one can possibly have him roll with Yotanwa for few years helping her finish her fight in the mountains this way Sei aided Yotanwa and Shin's instincts should mature well given the feel of the mountains.

    One cannot deny that Moubu might be a good match for Shin but this pairing really does not sit well with me for some reason.

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    I'd personally prefer

    Shin to work under Great General Tou.
    Ouhon to work under Great General Ousen after this current battle is over.
    Mouten to work under Great General Moubu.

    Shin for obvious reasons working with Ouki's retinues. Ouhon works under his father after he acknowledges Ouhon's capabilities. Mouten working under his father and being the brain of the army while his father could focus entirely on the offense.

    Mouten has the best potential to improve under these conditions to bring up his knowledge stat.

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    Mouten setting up scenario's for Moubu's offense would be deadly.

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    I don't know if Mouten can flourish under Ousen, he'd do better if he was under Tou or Moubu (provided Moubu would listen to him) imo

    Honestly, any of these guys would be best under Tou, he's solid and has no problem taking a backseat to allow them to shine
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