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    swap the themes of the rounds

    The themes of both rounds are swapped, so
    Souma versus Nene is green tea
    Isshiki versus Julio is chili peppers
    Megishima versus Shouko is tuna (don't think this match will change )
    Kuga versus Eishi is soba
    Rindou versus Megishima is eel
    and Saito versus Mimasaka is whatever Shouko/Megishima was.

    Do any of these matches' favor/odds/outcome change?

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    Nene wins.
    Dont know.

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    1. Souma versus Nene in green tea- If Nene couldn't beat Souma at her own specialty then she's going to do even worse when the theme plays into Souma's specialty.
    2. Isshiki versus Julio is chili peppers- Goes about the same, the gap is too wide for Julio to give any sort of challenge.
    3. Megishima versus Shouko is tuna- Goes about the same, the gap is too wide for Souka to give any sort of challenge.
    4. Kuga versus Eishi is soba- This is probably a more favorable them for Kuga than green tea, but he still can't close the gap.
    5. Rindou versus Megishima is eel- I'd lean Megishima. Eel ramen is a thing so Megishima can work wonders with that whereas it limits Rindou a bit, forcing her to use an eel as a base instead of some of her usual more exotic ingredients that could have normally served as a trump card.
    6. Saito versus Mimasaka- Saito gets the benefit of the doubt.

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