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    why do you care...
    it's needed.

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    everyone has the right to live obviously, but if giving that right consequent roping other people's very same right ( to live ); it's better of roped. .__.

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    over than killing, death penalty isn't relevant imo

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    Yeah sure, why not.
    Provided - the victim(s) makes the choice (if still alive) and is not unnecessarily painful. No torture, just lethal injection, gunshot to temple or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jörmungandr View Post
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    What if he killed a lot of people? I don't think that letting him die would be a right choice. That's really ''soft'' punishment for what he did.
    You can't count how many lives a bad guy has taken off, as you cannot kill the murderer twice. Death is the worst punishment to all living creatures, which means killing one person or ten doesn't necessarily make any difference to them. I do agree with that some people deserve horrible punishment tho.

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    The death penalty is not needed in the modern society in my opinion, since killing a bad guy doesn't make the society more civilized but losing more potential benefits. There are many other ways to make them pay, such as labour forces.

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    Lol @ people saying criminals should be tortured.

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