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Thread: Saddest scenes

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    Saddest scenes

    What movie/show has hit your feels hard enough to be called the saddest? Obviously going to be spoilers here. So watch yourself.

    I can't decide which one of these scenes from the Green Mile.

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    This moment when you are typing ''Breaking Bad - Mike's death'', but the name of this video says it's the saddest scene from this TV show. At least someone agrees with me.

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    Boromirs Death in LotR

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    I highly recommend WATCHING this series before seeing this video. Six Feet Under is probably one of the best series ever. I am someone who rarely get emotional with TV/movies etc but this ~10 scene literally gutted me when I saw it

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    Dammit I deleted that so I could be saved from your rebuttal.

    I regret ever giving you the opportunity to be more right about anything.

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    What truth? The fact that you're an annoying dimwit? Most of your posts are cringe. Nothing worse than a cocky asshole who gets proven wrong and lies to save face. The fact that you have a gold bar pretty much exemplifies that rep is worthless. You are the face of awful modern day TMF posters. SpiRo back into whatever cave you crawled out of, please.

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    Favourite OP charcters: Dragon,Benn,Croc,Kuma,Aokiji,Fuji,Zoro,Kid,X Drake,Hawkins,Sanji,Daz Bones,Van Augur

    Favourite Kingdom characters: Ouki,Moubu,Mouten,Duke Hyou,Kanki,Kyoukai,Renpa,Riboku,Houken,Karin,Ousen

    Favourite One Punch man characters: Saitama,King,Metal Bat,Garou,Silver Fang,Zombieman,Watchdog Man,Atomic Samurai,Homeless Emperor

    Favorite Beserk characters:Zodd,Void,Skull Knight,Guts,Grunbeld,Raksas,Locus,Irvine,Mozgus, Griffith/Femto,Ganishka

    Other manga/anime favourite characters: Lupin 3rd,Daisuke Jigen,Goemon Ishikawa XIII,Kakashi Hatake,Shikamaru Nara,Jiraiya,Kenpachi Zaraki,Shunsui Kyoraku,Goku,Tien Shinhan,Alucard,Zi Yu,SiWang YenShen,Xuan Feng,Tian Kui,Zhen Chan.

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    Pokemon the first movie

    i cried

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    I came to post this.

    But I also cry with a lot of movies

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    KOE NO KATACHI HAD ME CRYING, the little deaf girl is being bullied by this little punk ass bitch, who she was trying to help and this little kid has the audacity to start hitting her and yelling at her and i just started sobbing because having a disability is hard and it sucks and being mistreated because of it is so common and so rude and annoying.

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