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    With some of their men gone, it'll be easier to raid. Pops got this.

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    Rong Nianbing sounds like a parody name


    Thanks to Cake~

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    Of course Nightfall's the snitch.


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    You have chosen A/ Continue the raid.

    PoPs has proven himself to be a capable leader in your eyes. You don't doubt that he and Temeffia can handle a few rebels.

    ''Good choice, now we can move on.'' Steel says, as he picks up Nightfall's body and hides it in the nearby bushes.

    ''But how do we get in? Night said the gate's on the other side and it's guarded.''

    ''Easy. We'll make our own entrance.'' Steel responds casually. He kneels down, takes out his original knife and stabs it into the metal fence, then drags it across in a large, circular motion to create an opening. After a minute or so he's created a hole in the fence large enough to crawl through.

    ''Nice work, man.'' Z says, complimenting Steel's ingenuity. He makes his way through the opening first, followed by Avalon, then Steel, and finally yourself.

    You are now in enemy territory.

    You recall that Nightfall said that the armoury was near the gate, which is on the other side of the camp. You tell everyone to stay quiet and stick to the shadows as you move towards your goal.

    There are plenty of non-descript buildings to use as cover, though it doesn't look like any of the rebels are outside tonight. It seems Nightfall was the only guard outside the fence, and the rest are focused on the gate. They may be wondering by now what happened to Nightfall, so you should move quickly.

    It isn't long before you reach your destination. The entire town is about the size of a single district of Temeffia, so there wasn't much ground to cover. You see two armed guards inside the gate looking out. A single building stands close to the gate, so it's most likely the armoury, and nobody is guarding it. You're about to enter when you hear a loud snoring sound from the house behind you.

    ''Oh shit.'' Ava whispers. ''That has to be Tifa. Her snoring kept everyone awake back at Temeffia. Some people are actually glad she left so they could sleep peacefully.''

    You listen carefully to the snoring, as it's hard to imagine that sound coming from a human. It sounds like a dying whale.

    ''This is perfect.'' Steel says, smirking. ''She's the bitch that convinced our allies to betray us. Nobody's around, let's sneak in and kill her.''

    ''Dude, come on, we can't risk being here longer than we need to.'' Z adds quietly. ''Tell him, Leader.''

    Time to choose. If you eliminate Tifa, it could be a huge blow to the rebels. But if you do so, you may not have time to retrieve the weapons, which is the top priority. Plus, you don't know who could be guarding Tifa inside. Do you:

    A/ Continue the raid
    B/ Attempt to assassinate Tifa
    C/ Split up to do both

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    Fun fact, I don't snore.

    But you should attempt it. I dare you.


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    yes, I was triggered by her
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    Just because someone likes dick in their ass doesn't mean they're not your brother.

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