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    RIP Jim Galton, 92

    Jim Galton was famous in the 70's in the comic world for bringing in licensing to Marvel as its president, primarily in the form of Star Wars comics which led to a big influence of what Star Wars is today. But that wasn't all he did as he also helped to start Marvel Productions (eventually becoming New World Entertainment in '93) in 1980 and would bring us shows like the obvious Spider-Man and X-Men, but most people don't know that shows like Transformers, Fraggle Rock, Attack of the Killer Tomatos, Biker Mice from Mars, and even GI Joe were done through Marvel Productions.

    He left a legacy of enduring comic book change and is largely seen as the savior of Marvel Comics in the 70's when they were facing bankruptcy. Something he definitely turned around, because after serving for 16 years and leaving in '91, Marvel was selling over 100 million prints a year.

    RIP Galton. RIP.

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    "You are not prepared!"

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    I didn't know him but Respect for a long career!

    Rest in Peace

    Thanks to Cake~

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    not a bad age


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    RIP. He brought some good entertainment to the world.

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