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    219 Spoilers

    Kuga and Tsukasa’s food theme is about “Green Tea.”

    Kuga immediately starts his cooking.

    Tsukasa praises how flexible Kuga’s cooking technique is, and regrets the fact that he left the E10.

    Kuga: “Please stop your heartless praising, Tsukasa San. I know that you don’t think much of other people.”

    Kuga’s flashback:

    Kuga looks disappointed after he loses against Tsukasa. Isshiki tries to cheer him up by saying that he was able to compete despite the fact that he is a year younger than Tsukasa. After feeling better, Kuga approaches Tsukasa to ask for a rematch. But Tsukasa was talking to somebody else.

    Tsukasa’s talking partner: “Tsukasa! I’ve heard the news! It’s unusual of you to do a shokugeki against someone younger than you! It was the oldest son of the Kuga Family, right? What changed your mind to accept the fight?”

    Tsukasa: “Kuga……? ……Who was that again?”

    Kuga isn’t able to move due to the shock.

    Flashback over:

    Kuga: Just so you know Tsukasa San…I am not random male student number 1….I’m not like everybody else okay!!!!

    Tsukasa also begins his cooking.

    Rindou: Let’s goooooo! Megishimaaaaaaa!!!!

    Rindou places a box filled with ingredients on the cooking table. Inside the box, a crocodile that’s alive can be seen.

    Although Megishima is quiet, it’s clear that he is fired up.

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    "Who was that again?"

    ffs eishi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fisk View Post
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    "Who was that again?"

    ffs eishi
    Never would've guessed that was what set off Kuga when it came to matches against Eizan.

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    Green Tea hmm? tricky

    I knew Eishi didn't care much about people below him except a few but he really is that scatterbrained?

    Rindou with the croc

    The Glorious Fellowship of the Round Jacuzzi:

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    croc thaT is alive?

    I'd cream if megishima has a shark as a response

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    Savage eishi

    Rindou has a live crocodile ?

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