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    218 Spoilers

    [Soma and co’s waiting room]

    Alice says that they should use their strongest force now and crush Central as quickly as possible, suggesting Isshiki, Megishima, and Kuga to go for the second round.
    However, Marui insists that they will struggle later on if Isshiki, Megishima, and Kuga happen to lose now.

    They can’t agree on a decision, so Erina will choose the team.

    Tsukasa explains to Kuga that he doesn't has the authority to do whatever he wants to, so he wants to put it on hold for now.

    Kuga then meets Soma.

    Soma was apparently going to fight in the next round, but after seeing how Kuga isn’t able to control his emotions (His hands are shaking), Soma tells Kuga to fight in the next round instead of him.

    2nd Bout members:

    Rebel side: Kuga, Megishima, and Mimasaka

    Centra side: Tsukasa, Rindo, and Saito

    The match up is:

    • Tsukasa vs Kuga
    • Rindo vs Megishima
    • Saito vs Mimasaka

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    Rindou vs Megishima...


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    Actually hyped for Rindou/Megishima even though I already know who will win.

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    Soma was apparently going to fight in the next round

    • Tsukasa vs Kuga
    • Rindo vs Megishima
    • Saito vs Mimasaka
    Rebels have to lose here, and Mimasaka is prime for that but it's okay as long as he can support the others. That leaves Megishima being able to beat Rindou either legit or she doesn't give it her all or Kuga finally being able to beat Eishi. I think a central sweep here would be best to reestablish their threat but Megishima winning would be able to concretely establish his skill and maybe set him up for an Eishi bout.

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    At the expense of Rindou?

    I don't think anyone would be glad about that except for Gp.

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    Rindou is going to beat the mighty megishima showing her status as rank 0 of central. Poor megishima.

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