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    How to better use the "Search" Function

    First off, Always select "Advanced Search"

    If you know specific categories, click them.

    Here's where it gets tricky for some.

    Keywords: NONSENSE, If you go by "Search entire posts". the amount of times that word will have been used is probably going to be worth few pages, and there's no set order to it. So NEVER use it unless you've got some urgent need.

    How to use Keywords: Change it from "Search Entire Posts", to "Search Titles Only".

    This narrows it down to threads, and if you know a keyword, something specific in the title, you'll find what you looked for easily.

    Additional options: If you want a range of times the Keyword was used in threads, for example How many threads had the word Dressrosa in them after 2014, you can select to do so! Just choose Any date, and change it.

    Also, more importantly, you can choose to list them all by date, or alphabetic order.

    And thus, we've reached to the point we can use the search function. BUT WAIT! THERE'S ONE MORE THING!

    "Save your search preferences" Yeah, I bet you didn't notice that.

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