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    Thanks guys.

    “With a man's soul and a strong back, go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb! Whether it's impossible or laughable, this is the path that ALL great men walk! If there's a wall in our way, we'll break it down! If there's no path, we'll make it with our own hands! The magma in our hearts is blazing like flames!Everlasting Combination: Gurren Lagann! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE?! Believe in you who believes in yourself!! Isn't your Drill the one that will pierce the heavens, the earth and through to tomorrow?”
    -- Kamina

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    Happy birthday.

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    why do you care...
    Happy birthday

    sometimes you don't need to argue with retards, for they may drag you to their standard and beat you with experience. instead keep playing with them until you feel bored and then toss them away.

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    Happy birthday bro.

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    happy birthday, hope you had a good one
    stop harrassing frogs and exposing them on the internet

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    happy birthday

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    "There is no door to hell but you'd still want to barge in?"

    The Seven Beast Gods
    1,000,000 Years Daydream Ice Silkworm
    400,000 Years Ice Jade Emperor Scorpion Hyotei
    700,000 Years Ice Heavenly Snow Woman "Snow Emperor" Xue Nu
    100,000 Years Octagonal Mysterious Ice Plant
    300,000 Years Ice Bear King Xiao Bai
    100,000 Years Sea Mermaid Princess Li Ya
    700,000 Years Evil Eye Tyrant Emperor

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