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    215 Spoilers

    Shokugeki no Soma 215 Spoiler translated by MNS

    Soma high fives his friends after his win.

    Rindo rushes towards Nene and gives her a towel so she can hide her face.

    She praises Nene for giving her best and that she doesn’t need to say anything.

    Julio says that he will get the revenge for Nene, but Isshiki gives a meaningful stare to both Rindo and Nene.

    Rindo predicts that Isshiki wants to show something not just to Julio but to the whole Central side.

    Julio finishes his cooking.

    His dish is called “Capitone in umido”.

    The eel is finished up with tomato sauce and it’s a stew type dish. The “in umido” part means cooked and served in a sauce and “Capitone” is a large female eel.

    The judges give high praise to Julio’s dish.

    The secret to his dish is the “San Marzano tomato” with low acidity, and that brings the best out of the eel.

    The reactions start:

    All three are in a swimsuit:

    “The rich San Marzano tomato polishes our body and’s almost like it makes us stronger...Like body builders, the two male judges show off their physique”

    Anne: This is...This taste is...

    Anne suddenly turns into a giant and squeezes the two judges between her breasts.

    All three of them: The overwhelming bust gives an unexplainable feeling!!!
    *The source notes that no matter how you look at it, it’s a パイズリ. (You can google that yourself. NSFW.)

    Meanwhile Isshiki claims that he used a special ingredient for his dish.

    The kitchen that Isshiki used can be seen with ingredients that thePolar Star students left in the dormitory.

    Isshiki: I will show it to you...What “cooking” means to me!

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    please don't drag this one out

    The Glorious Fellowship of the Round Jacuzzi:

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    Isshiki about to put Rindou/Eishi on alert, too bad it will take about 3 chapters for this result.

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    No one cares about the fooder Julio. Wish this could finish in one chapter not 2-3.

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