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Ignored? You misunderstand, i chose when to fuck you up, and when to not depending on my mood and state. ur retarded enough to not realize that i dont even get notifications when u post on ur own profile.
Back to topic, unlike you who tries desperately to cover up on shitting ur pants while getting wrecked in most discussions using the clowny emotes and baseless claims, with the attempt to push on anyways, i choose to drop to ur lvl and tolerate ur barking to a point were even a monkey like u shld eventually realize that ur wrong all along, but i know u will nvr admit it, and will bring some shit from here and there, chew it, process it, and dump the whatever nonesense of an output to post it as a reply. you get it right sometimes but most of the time al you do is sugarcoat shit with ur emotes and ruff talk, to the point when even some may think u make sense.
and also unlike yourself, i dont subject any hate towards u, and ur words aren't triggering in the very least. yes, im saying ur insulting mechanism is that of a kid that it doesn't even makes me laugh anymore, so whether its manga or humor, ur an arrogant monkey. My part is simply to pin point ur sugarcoated shit in OP and kingdom whenever i feel like it, ill have to make you keep realizing how foolish many of ur replies are until you start thinking twice before posting anything.
and ill leave the insulting chain to when i see u in ur profile, i dont even consider ass wiper an insult lmao, and ur something to think it is. for now ill focus on manga themes in threads. So u can say ur piece and scum monkey.
Aha, so after i took elephant dump on you. You chose not to fuck me up. Aha ok

Oh i did not realize someone does not get notification when i post on MY profile? Oh ok

I am not shitting in my pants, i am shitting on you

So using manga pages as evidence for my claims makes them baseless claims? Ah ok

Aha so manga and I, are wrong all along? Aha ok

So you don't subject any hate towards me? Aha ok

And i am not triggering you in the very least? Aha ok

Aha, so you will make ME realize how foolish my replies are? Aha ok

And you will leave insulting for my profile? Aha ok

Why would you consider being Asswiper an insult, when you are the one who claimed to be an Asswiper. You be proud in your job.
Completely delusional