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    The new Captain America!

    Please don't read this post if you don't want spoilers for the current Captain America in the comics. I don't know how to spoiler tag

    Just wondering what is everyones opinion on Captain America's new backstory. Personally I couldn't believe what he did to Red Skull and I even heard he picked up Thor's hammer as he is now. I mean this means he is a good guy right? I havn't gotten up any of secret empire,but just with the whole hammer thing it's making me want to read it.

    I love what is going on with him 100% honestly, but I can't stop wondering what will happen.
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    [spoiler]text or image[/.spoiler] - without ''.'' That's how you put a spoiler tag.

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    Just to summarize the background of what Cyri is talking about without getting into what he was directly talking about:

    The direction Spencer has been taking Captain America as having his history rewritten (or maybe his true history being revealed) as an agent of Hydra and now leading Hydra poised to assume leadership of America under his rule.

    For me it's been a pretty interesting concept. Spencer's take is pretty bizarre and I really hated the bizarre hammer like reveal and next issue secret as to the reveal itself. Heavy handed, but the rest of the stuff has been pretty good. What's been most amazing is if you can get over the frothing it really does a good job of letting Cap's natural heroism and optimism shine through even if filtered heavily through the Hydra lens. He doesn't envy his own position or some of the things which must be done, but he truly believes in what he is doing for non-selfish reasons.

    So in response to @Cyri; for what is in the spoiler: Cap is still a hero, feels a hero, and behaves like a hero. And in regard to what you were curious about? Define "good guy."

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    Not really sure what to do, I do believe Cap is fucking awesome, but sometimes it's hard to explain just how awesome.

    Okay using spoiler for the first time worked out well thankfully!

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    Wait didn't he already lift the hammer before this? Or was that the issue?

    Thanks to Cake~

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    He did, but this one was a bit different.

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