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    Didn't even notice he asked.

    If I left that 40k army in my base, it's still only 100k vs 240k, with only 40k being peasants. There's no way they are surviving that when they have Genbou, Seikai, Kaiku and Choutou(longest serving Qin general) managing the siege. On top of all of that, it's really boring.
    And no, 75k peasants won't die like shit and do nothing. They aren't elite soldiers, but they are still worth something.

    My only way out was aggression, but I was hoping he'd dedicate more troops to the middle attack, which would allow my flanking armies to do some damage. That didn't happen and I was done for.

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    Seems like peasants and increased base troops may be a bit too op.

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    i did bring it up that 50% attacker bonus might be a bit too much, but no one else brings it up

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    Maybe reduce increase to 30-40 percent and not allow the bonuses to stack together?

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