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    cliche victory

    Will this shokugeki be the cliche victory format where the rebels win the first round, lose the second round, and then clutch out the final round?

    Will the second round be a stomp to keep up the tension or will it be a moral victory for the rebels? Who will be the sacrificial lambs for the second round?
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    There's not really much you can do to avoid a cliche in this situation. Should probably focus more on the quality of the cooking and character development, rather than creating fake tensions.

    Or he could also have them lose and become Azumi's dogs/bitches.

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    Rebels definitely have to win, I think that's established. And I'm willing to bet Crispy's cellar of artichokes that Erina's going to be in the last match and she's going to be the key for the rebels to win that round.

    for it not to be cliche though, would be Erina being in the second match instead and losing (but that would be a step back for her character, not like the those guys care anyway ) with someone like Megumi/Kuga clutching it out in the third round instead. Or the rebels just stomp the first matches and Azami feels dumb for not using Eishi/Rindou right off the bat.
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    Yeah it will likely be a cliche victory format but it all depends on how is done. People in the 2nd round is likely going to be Mimasaka and Kuga.

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