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    On paper that could be considered the strongest crew.

    However conquering the new world depends on circumstances, influence, path you take to get the top etc...

    If Akainu and co just randomly formed a crew and were thrown into the seas to "conquer the new world" against the already established Yonkos, I doubt they'd succeed simply because they have more top tiers.

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    I completely disagree.

    It wouldnt matter, this team would be be strong enough that they would destroy any other crew. Any other challenge the new world brings wouldn't be close to what the actual Yonko crews would.
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    YONK crews would fail against this team

    but Roger Pirates would succeed:

    Prime Roger stalemates Aokiji and Kizaru
    Prime Rayleigh defeats Akainu high diff
    Prime Scopper takes on all the Vice Admirals at once
    other Roger pirates clean up the rest of the fodder marines

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    Can you imagine Original C3 vs. Big Mom's crew?

    Kizaru vs. Cracker?

    Aokiji vs. Smoothie?

    Akainu vs. Katakuri?

    Garp and Sengoku vs. Big Mom?

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    Big Mom's crew would get decimated

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    Akainu would solo the sweetie commandos

    Kizaru and Kuzan would gangbang MOM

    Garp not even required

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    Holy crap i wasn't even aware how insane the admirals wank here is, they would be extreme likely the strongest crew but some posts here are just ridiculous...
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    Well its pretty obvious that the HQ wrecks any Yonko crew in a one on one so yeah if they were to be a pirate crew then they would most probably be at the top of the era considerably above any current Yonko crew, I'd say only prime Roger pirates and EOS SHs would be able to stalemate or beat them.

    Think about it third commander Smoothie vs third commander Aokiji/Kizaru

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