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    Could Kousonryuu surprise us?

    I've always rated him as being fairly average like the other Bayou Zhao generals and his stats reflect that (83-87-87 with 90 balance), but he seems to be rated pretty highly by Riboku and now has some relevance.

    Could he be more powerful than was earlier suggested or is he just a trusted underling who's going to hype somebody from Qin? Design wise he's looked pretty beastly as of late.

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    Time to make Kousonryuu vs Tou threads

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    People need to understand who's the best all-rounder here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crispinianus View Post
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    Time to make Kousonryuu vs Tou threads

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    People Crispy needs to understand who's the best all-rounder here

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    He is Heki level

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    He's going to sit around and be useless like always

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    I hope he will have a promising young or a powerful commander, because the guy himself seems pretty average with his current stats.

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    He's another Riboku puppet, he's only as good as the one moving the strings dictates

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    Ousen's going to make him look like a buffoon.

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