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  • SHK

    4 20.00%
  • Duke Hyou

    16 80.00%
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    Kingdom Best Character Design Tournament Round 2: SHK vs Duke Hyou


    Duke Hyou

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    There's a stark contrast with this round. The savage and unruly Duke against the pristine and formal SHK... both are good designs, but I think I'll go with the Duke for this one.

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    Duke Hyou looks more unique but I like them both. I'll throw a pity vote for SHK here

    The Glorious Fellowship of the Round Jacuzzi:

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    This one's hard.
    "Dragoons! Dragoons! The King's Dragoons!"

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    ahahahahaha giantbiceps's Avatar
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    Duke Hyou

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    The Duke>>>generic bishie

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