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    Who will be the arc villain for Elbaf?

    It seems like Big Mom has WCI, Kaidou has Wano, and Blackbeard is being saved for Raftel.

    Elbaf is an island that's been hyped since near the beginning that was just stated to be the most powerful nation in One Piece, one strong enough to tip the scales in a war between Yonkou. Who is fit to be the arc villain of such a place? Green Bull? Eustass Kid? Loki? Akainu? Someone new? Who will drive the conflict on the land of Elbaf?

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    some new character perhaps?

    if it really is the strongest nation it must have a yonko/admiral lvl leader

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    Big mom obviously. She has beef with the giants and her going down this arc is plain retarted. She is more than enough to be the villain arc for elbaf considering she is a yonko.

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    Big Mom probably said that Elbaf would allow her to overthrow another Yonkou because her battles numbers would increase drastically. I don't think it's because of one giants strength. There won't be anyone in any country on par with a Navy Admiral or even close to their strengths.

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    Don't think we have another full-on Big Mom arc but we might have the first half of Elbaf focusing on adventuring/giants and in the climax BM goes to Elbaf for some reason. (Perhaps she discovers the last poneglyph is there) and she confronts the straw hats for the final time with her remaining crew members.

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    Elbaf is finally getting visited?

    Guess I'll be definitely coming back now.

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    I was thinking of Big Mom's return on Elbaf as a possibility, since I don't see her being defeated here, but I don't know if I'd like it much.

    I'm not sure the intrigue would still be there seeing her and her crew return as the main arc villain for a second time, especially going from facing her at the heart of her own territory to facing her on the Viking nation Elbaf, which isn't as fitting of an environment. I do actually like the Big Mom Pirates, but I don't have much interest in seeing the same crew serve as an arc-villain twice. Her crew has been such a goofy gaggle of screw-ups that it's hard to be hyped to even see them at the wedding let alone as a returning force of one of the most hyped arcs, though since it's said we've only seen the tip of the iceberg, hopefully he can turn things around with them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Makenzye View Post
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    Elbaf is finally getting visited?

    Guess I'll be definitely coming back now.
    It's not, they just talked about it a bit.

    It should still be a ways off, but it's one of the arcs we don't really know the villain for, so I was interested in hearing thoughts. I'd say you should still catch up because the current arc has finally picked up and gotten interesting again.
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    New character probably, dont see why it would be any different than what it is for Zou and Wano

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    A giant.

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    I cant wait for Elbaf, if we're gonna get characters like Oars Jr. Hopefully its one of those islands where everyone is hostile

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    Mr. 3's comeback! He coulden't get Dorry and Brogy before, so now with the support of Buggy and Mr.5 he's going to to take down the Giant King himself.

    The arc will be called Ritoru Gardun: Shingeki no Kyojin

    I really do believe now that BM will play a part in Elbaf. It would be cool if the battle was between Elbaf and SH vs BM and maybe a 4th party? But I doubt that will happen.

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    If it's such an importand island, it could be the place where Kaido and Big Mom fight it out, allowing Luffy and co. to finish off whoever wins.

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    no arc villain

    they already befriended Dorry and Broggy who were basically the kings there

    the entire arc will be a giant (pun intended) Usopp wank fest

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    Elbaf could tie into the BB vs Shanks clash.

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    Elbaf could tie into the BB vs Shanks clash.
    The elbaf cannot participate between the battle of the real titans.

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    The elbaf cannot participate between the battle of the real titans.
    Well, they'll probably do better than the embarrassment that was squardo at MF

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    Green Bull

    It seems like a place for buster call-esque things

    Thanks to Cake~

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    I'm hoping it will be someone not directly tied to the main plot.

    Oda overdoes it with world players getting all the action every arc. It's always a Shichibukai or Emperor or something. I want another Enel. Someone who is a danger but not an Emperor or WG guy.

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    prince loki

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    It will be like Zou. No enemy, they just talk about the final war.

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