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    Sai defends against other generals

    Riboku failed to siege Sai before the Mountain Tribe's showed up and overwhelmed them, will these other generals have more success.

    Conditions are the same, all armies have the same amount of men Riboku did and Sai's goal is to hold out against them until Yotanwa shows up for support.

    1. Karin
    2. Ousen
    3. Seikai
    4. Gohoumei
    5. Renpa
    6. Yotanwa (Assume Duke Hyou fills in her original role as Sai's support)
    7. Ouki (No Tou)

    Characters with special siege equipment can bring it to the battle.

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    1. Karin: She will repeat her attrition warfare strategy like at KP, maybe even without night shifts, and fail to meet the deadline.
    2. Ousen: He will plays it safe as usual and do something similar to Karin, in which case he fails.
    3. Seikai: He will deploy his poison and wait for a week again, in which case he fails. His only saving grace might be the fact that his poison arrows will grind down the soldiers. I'm giving him a 60% chance to succeed.
    4. Gohoumei: His siege weaponry will give him the edge and he will succeed.
    5. Renpa: He will probably guess that Sei is in there, and send Rinko after his head. At the very least, Rinko will be going onto night raids. I think Renpa makes it.
    6. Yotanwa (Assume Duke Hyou fills in her original role as Sai's support): With Bajio's latest display, if he goes after any wall that doesn't have Shin on it, he's getting through.
    7. Ouki (No Tou): He likes to play it safe as well, but takes to the field more and has good instincts, I think he can take it.

    Anyone who tries to play it safe with attrition warfare like Riboku(Karin, Ousen, Seikai) will fail, because they might not even think of the night attack plans.
    Those who bring something else and go for a more direct approach will take it.

    @Great Potato;
    Your own view on the matter?
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    it's a seige map, so i don't think there's anything Riboku can offer in this map anyway (well... it's not like he has anything to offer so far in the manga). If all generals are to bring only Riboku's army at that time (generic old commander + 2 sidekicks + normal mobs), then i don't think any of those take it. oh wait.. maybe only ouki and renpa due to morale boost alone

    1. Karin :
    if she's allowed to bring Elephants, then smashing the gate with them might suffice since the city itself is small and isn't meant to defend in the first place

    alternatively Karin's elites should take this one easier than any of Riboku men has too offer so far since they're easily the best elite group atm

    2. Ousen
    so far nothing we have seen from Ousen that justify his hype on taking multiple cities fast during Sanyou campaign, but in minimum he should have normal siege towers like Ouhon. So if he's allowed to bring that, then he wins (great foothold + great morale blow to peasants)

    3. Seikai
    his poison archers might have a very great impact on Sai battle since his troops should be killing the enemy near the ladder easier

    4. Gohoumei
    same with Ousen, siege equipment will demolish Sai easily

    5. Renpa
    he should have a lot of experience as GG during siege, i'll just say that the morale boost on his troops + morale damage to the peasant would be enough to swing the favour to Renpa. alternatively 4 HK is way more quality than any of Riboku men

    6. Yotanwa (Assume Duke Hyou fills in her original role as Sai's support)
    with the archer tribes (forget the name) + bajio + her ability to see where is the weakest link, she should take the battle easily by crushing Heki position (Bajio and mountain men should be able to hold Duke Hyou's soldiers) or Kaioku

    7. Ouki (No Tou)
    same with renpa

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    Do they have Kaine, Futei, and Shinseijou? Or their equivalents?
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    It's hard to know what Karin and Ousen would do in this situation. Karin likes big moves so may be prone to a full-strength frontal assault at some point, but she's also more of a highly competent strategist type which should lead to a regular siege in which case she'd fail. Ousen also is a strategist and is believed to be overly cautious, yet he was taking castles down twice as fast as Kanki back in Sanyou. I also think he'd be better at predicting the appearance of a third party by seeing the Hi Shin Unit somewhat revigorated in the middle of a losing battle so I guess he should clear.

    Gohoumei would be a less efficient Riboku imo. Unless he can the siege towers he designed, if he is allowed those he can probably overwhelm Sai by having men set foot on all walls in substantial numbers simultaneously.

    Renpa clears, his men wouldn't even lose in morale, he could rely on Rinko for assassination if he has him and could feint a large blow against the weakest wall while joining the battle personally on the opposite one and in this case he'd get through Sai like a Guandao through butter.

    For Yotanwa, not taking into account her own martial prowess, it's possible for her to fail here. Her strategy for sieging is very agressive but lacks subtelty, Bajio would be stopped by Shin and the Duke Hyou troops on the first day and could die there. We don't know how she'd deal with a siege any other way so it's hard to say. But the armorless mountain men are definitely not fit for long term sieges.

    Ouki takes it. Maybe he'd go at it conservatively at first but would end up sensing something is wrong or getting tired of the battle and join the fighting and then it's game over.

    If Ousen pulls through, Renpa Ouki and Ousen could also deal with the reinforcements if they get intercepted on their way to Kanyou. Yotanwa would lose to Duke Hyou imo, Gohoumei would get done in by Yotanwa.

    I was going to forget Seikai. Imo he causes a sanity crisis in Sai and may even be the one who clears with the most ease.

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