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    I think if they contribute to society in some way, no.
    but if they do nothing after coming here illegally, yes.

    perhaps those who do contribute could take some kind of test, if they pass they can stay and fail they go.

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    If they are contributing to the well being of the nation, they should be given legal migrant status.

    If they are causing problems they should be deported.

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    Deport them, their own fault for not applying in the normal way.

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    Interesting question. Also, do you think Mexico should deport US Americans who are there illegally? 91.2% of US Americans in Mexico are there illegally.
    Thread got backfired.

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    Yes, but with some exceptions.

    Those who try really hard to live in Norway. If they manage to learn to speak Norwegian, they should be allowed to immigrate properly.

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