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Thread: Gokei vs GHM

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    Gokei vs GHM

    100k troops, no subs, 1k war chariots each.

    On the plains

    Who wins the battle between father and son?

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    GHM wins because Gokei doesn't know about Ryuudou

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    giving it to Gokei in this match.

    even assuming Gokei doesn't know Ryuudou, that technique is useless for Gokei and other who play with big numbers and tactics instead of small number charge.
    giving it to Gokei simply because their style is similar, siege tools (maybe) is a non factor in this plains battle, and Gokei has more experience

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    It's a tough call. They should be on a similar playing field in intelligence, strategy, and tactics and this is basically a mirror match with them both sharing the same style of warfare. The battle will have to be decided by the few key differences between them.

    +More underhanded and deceitful, slightly more clever
    +Expert engineering skills (Hasn't shown anything that would leave much impact on a plains battle)
    +More cautious and higher self-preservation

    +Greater martial might (Shouldn't make much of a difference on this battlefield)
    +Better leadership
    +More experience

    I think experience and leadership are going to barely edge this out for Gokei here. His men are going to fight better and his long years of fighting on the field I think are going to give him slightly quicker reactions to changes on the field, especially against someone using tactics he's so well versed in. This is going to be key on a plains battlefield like this where it will all come down to who has the best tactics. GHM should take this by his next appearance.

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