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    This is hilarious, seeing Crispy wank a baldie over another baldie because he hates the latter baldie even more.
    Rinbukun is aight.

    And my point stands, smh

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    Zenou gets wrecked vs all of the Generals IMO. He's not yet done anything but sweep through fodder, he was hyped for a clash against Batei, his huge size doesn't mean that much at this level, and in the same arc Batei had similar martial hype.

    Being the best fighter in Kanki's army doesn't mean that much either, when you consider Rinko was the best in Renpa's, Rokuomi is the best in Tou's, Shoumou was the best underneath Houken at Bayou and so on. Being around a 90/100 might not do much in the battledome but within the kingdom verse it is a very powerful score that puts you above 90% of the soldiers alive and allows you do destroy countless fodder.

    He might beat Shin though.

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