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    the parent whose house includes a tall, tall tower.

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    my temper isn't good for handling kids but hopefully ill be strict yet lenient, friendly yet dignified.

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    On the strict side. But at the same time being too strict could backfire making the kid do stupid things.

    Balance is important. So I'd usually balance strictness with reward (depending on the action and task). As for pure manners and stuff like that, I'll be a strict annoying ass father.

    What I find surprising, is that I usually didn't like kids but they liked me... Now I am actually starting to like them. There are a bunch of kids in my Tae Kwon Do club. And I keep slowly teaching them stuff, from science, IT and history. It's really fun.
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    I'd Play around and be protective, but I would be strict on things like electronics, or candy, or new games and such.

    Thanks to Cake~

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    I would acquire complete and utter obedience
    -Fresh out of an icky gooey womb-

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