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    uhm... imo if Kanki is staying, then the flanking doesn't have any power since it will only be 20k light cavalry that go down. SSK and Reiou should be able to stall Gekishin so that Kanki will go down to make the attacking army have some force.

    about the arrow, by the time Kisui and Keisha arrive, Kyou and co will be there anyway, so they will either go to the right side (since they're told to respond to the battlefield) or going behind Kyou's army (dunno what they're doing here).

    Eitherway, be it Keisha + Kisui or Kyou, the help would achieve the same effect.
    Gokei "only" has a 60k army that's already pushing a 20k Rihaku army with 20k of Rokuomi behind him. And this isn't mentioning Renpa's 100k to the left of Gokei's army (not fully engaged since Kaishibou is on the other side and they're facing another 60k army) nor the Mouten/Ten/Kouyoku reinforcement. It should be sufficient enough to cut Gokei in two.

    Once they get up but they're the slowest to climb the mountain. It's folly for Kanki to leave 4 wide open to charge and Alias said some should stay to fight off Gekishin. Kanki's already there, he should stay at least until the rest climb up.

    ehh, I think Kyou will engage the center and what you propose is them reversing course to go to the other side. Counterproductive :/

    Plus I peg the team to take down Kaishibou instead of Earl Shi and Mangoku.

    Now the two should make a case, not let us argue over this!

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    i'm just searching for your view since our standpoint on corners are different.

    it will help for next corner if i ever make another

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    Alias pulls out the 2-1 win

    The Glorious Fellowship of the Round Jacuzzi:

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