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    Kanki vs Yotanwa

    The Mountain Bandit faces the Mountain Queen, both sides have all of their available units.

    Scenario 1: Battle takes place in forested mountain terrain, both armies have 75k men.

    Scenario 2: Siege battle. Kanki is defending the city with 60k men and Yotanwa is attacking with 75k.

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    Not sure about scenario 1, but Yotanwa should take scenario 2

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    Do they have intel?

    I think Yotanwa rapes the second but the first one is fun. Kanki has the offense to keep up but he absolutely cannot slip up at all. He also doesn't have the leisure to wander or park his ass in one place. Flame Hare should be cool to see but I highly they can escape as well as they did against Gakuei.
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    we couldn't even see how "organized" the mountain men are lol

    if they're not organized like proper army, then they might actually counter flame hare pretty well

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    There's a reason that she's the Queen and he's just a Bandit.

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    I will go with Yontanwa with both scenarios.
    Yontanwa commands people whom entire world sees as barbarians. I sincerely doubt that they would even bat eye after seeing Kanki's shock tactics.
    Yontanwa's men also seems to carry more hardcore loyalty for her. So I don't think it is possible to discourage them by doing anything.
    And lastly I believe Yontanwa is a superior fighter out of two.
    So she wins .

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    Im not quite sure on this one. I think Kanki is better than Yotanwa as a strategist but her troops seem to be stronger with her being a monster too. Gonna go with Kanki for now until we see more of Yotanwas tactics.

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    Figured I'd bump this now that we've seen Yotanwa's methods of siege warfare.

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    1) Toss up extreme diff is my guess. Terrain favors both though maybe Kanki slightly more since its a forest. I really have a hard time seeing how this will go tbh

    2) Yotanwa high diff. I don't think Kanki is particularly good at siege defense but he still is a natural genius who has some unorthodox tactis that can give Yotanwa trouble. I see Yotanwa eventually winning but it won't be easy and it will definitely take longer than "half a day".

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    Kanki shines a lot brighter against "civilised" opponents. His Saki clan has a sole purpose, torture, and through it intimidation and information extraction. His Zenou clan makes armies shiver at the sight of their blood lust. While they are still a force to be reckoned with, it won't have such an effect on mountain men, who are savages themselves.

    That being said, given how Kanki is unpredictable and a genius at warfare, I think he would give Yotanwa higher high diff in scenario 1, and higher mid diff in the second.

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