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    Zonge vs Four Beast

    Can he beat all limbs together?
    Can he beat the combined animal?
    In Character
    All abilities
    No Prep
    100 yards, each situation

    Scenario 2: If he can't add his buddies
    Scenario 3: If it's too easy add the Thunderous Demon, and still give Zonge his buddies
    Monstrous Power

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    Zonge stomps.

    RIP Chester, you'll always be loved and missed.

    The Gourmet Legion - President Ichiryuu
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    Zonge wins.

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    Zonge and his luck... unbelievable hahaha

    Who knows how far he can push it.

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    zonge numba wan

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    I'm not sure he can beat it but he can definitly tank it. He was able to spectate th final battle without a scratch, very impressive.

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