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    200 Spoilers

    Dojima is explaining the rules and exact details of the regiment de cuisine.

    In the Regiment de cuisine, teammates are allowed to help each other with the cooking.

    Even though their individual talents may not be enough, if they manage to build up a great chemistry and teamwork, then it is not impossible to defeat the Elite 10.

    Dojima suggests to assess the talent and character everybody has and then build the teams accordingly, but Jouichiro says that they will decide the teams by using the lottery

    Dojima gets pissed at Jouichiro for having that kind of attitude

    As Senzaemon sees that they are not moving forward, he decides the 2 teams

    (TEAM SAIBA) Jouichiro, Soma, and ErinavsDojima, Tadokoro, and Takumi (TEAM DOJIMA) are the two teams Senzaemon chooses.

    Erina is pretty nervous over the fact that she is in the same team as Jouichiro

    The theme is French Cuisine “Hachis parmentier” and the time limit is 50min.

    And as a special rule, they are not allowed to speak.

    As they hear it, the 4 of them (Soma,Erina,Megumi, and Takumi) freeze

    Although they are not allowed to speak, Dojima and Takumi are showing great chemistry and Tadokoro tries her hardest to keep up with them, remembering the time when she assisted Soma.

    In contrast, both Soma and Jouichiro are vocal and have a hefty argument.

    Senzaemon tells them to be quiet, or they will be disqualified.

    Meanwhile, Erina is panicking.

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    Seeing them just cook in silence would be weird.

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