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    That's exactly the point. He didn't get scaling from the meteor, he got the scaling later in the arc when he fought Dofla, who matched the meteor point blank.

    That doesn't matter. Dofla was not reacting to the meteor because it was going for Law. He was in a non-combat state until the moment Law redirected it into Dofla, which is point blank.

    It doesn't matter when she swung the sword, have you never heard of baseball or tennis? Or are you trying to tell me that people can go 200km/h+? When you see an object and know it's trajectory, you can react to it while being as slow as you want to be.
    Fair point. Was just speculating.

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    That's 100% different

    In baseball you're standing in place and know generally where it's going to be

    Not jumping into it and driving into the target itself.

    If Erza wasn't around the speed of the meteor she wouldn't have had the ability to know when to swing seeing as she wasn't only having to figure it out with the speed of the meteor but also the speed she was traveling which was enough to intercept the meteor before it even got past cloud level

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    We haven't even seen Pluton get fired.
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    Oh the Irony:

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