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    Ravens Reading Log: Rebirth

    My interestin DC Comics is still rising and what better way to keep up with the world of DCU than to read the new Rebirth series. Issues are still easy to follow since they mostly have only a few volumes.

    Im going to read them all and give my thoughts on it, beginning with the general DC: Universe Rebirth.

    After i will likely focus on: Flash Rebirth and Titans Rebirth.

    Once i am done with them i will read the other issues.

    Excited how this will play out

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    There's only one volume per title in the post-Rebirth world for now.

    There's about 25 non-volume Rebirth One Shots and around 225 issues across all the volumes which released with Rebirth.

    Good luck and have fun!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Actually closer to 250, I forgot a couple titles were not relaunches but brand new series.

    Also, not all of Rebirth has been launched yet.

    DC doing its best to make me destitute more than I already am.

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    well i just searched for rebirth on readcomicsonline and there have been just a dozen or so...

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    Drink in deep.

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