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    Ravens Reading Log: Rebirth

    My interestin DC Comics is still rising and what better way to keep up with the world of DCU than to read the new Rebirth series. Issues are still easy to follow since they mostly have only a few volumes.

    Im going to read them all and give my thoughts on it, beginning with the general DC: Universe Rebirth.

    After i will likely focus on: Flash Rebirth and Titans Rebirth.

    Once i am done with them i will read the other issues.

    Excited how this will play out

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    There's only one volume per title in the post-Rebirth world for now.

    There's about 25 non-volume Rebirth One Shots and around 225 issues across all the volumes which released with Rebirth.

    Good luck and have fun!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Actually closer to 250, I forgot a couple titles were not relaunches but brand new series.

    Also, not all of Rebirth has been launched yet.

    DC doing its best to make me destitute more than I already am.

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    well i just searched for rebirth on readcomicsonline and there have been just a dozen or so...

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    Drink in deep.

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    i really enjoy the green lantern stories. its really nice to see the growth of the two new lanterns and how they overcome self doubt.

    i just finished the first phantom lantern arc and it was really pleasing to see the two stepping up their game and character.

    wonder how and where things head from here.


    i am a little annoyed by batman. but i guess that even was the intention of the victim ark, where people show up who got the short end of the stick in the crossfire from batman and his enemies.

    i really felt spoiler was right to leave him. he acted way to conceited towards her and the other. seriously grounding a fellow crime fighter like a dad grounds a stubborn teen?

    he is too full if himself right now and i somehow wish someone kicks some humility into him


    flash is really interesting. the way flash tries to build a relation with kid flash and kid flash tries to take responsible at a teen titans member while at the same time being a normal kid in school and learning from flash - interesting to see how he bested the shadows on a molecular scale, it got my vsbattle lusty heart pumping. i am sure the little detail barry revealed about what his real name is will soon play a big role in kid flash discovering his true identity


    superman is awesome. the short story with swamp thing (who handed his butt to him) was gorgeous since it showcased he wasnt really invested in the life he is now. good to see that changed. i follow the series closely because apparently this is important for the big manhatten stuff. also the entire deal with supes and bats sons are amazing. handled really well. looking forward to more of it


    wonder woman is almost my favourite - i like the characterization and lovers affairs she is having. i would have really been disappointed if they made her just some superman with breasts. but she gets a really interesting story and background. eager to learn more


    aquaman - likely my favourire series thus far because there is actual politics involved. the way aquaman tries to build a bridge between atlantis and the ocean with the first diplomatic embassy. how things fall apart due to manipulation. how superman intervenes. the tensions and unspoken threats. the entire story is fantastic. i dont know how it will continue but i rate it likely the best series in rebirth until this point


    jla - no idea whats really going on. doesnt make much sense to follow the reading order. you read aquaman where rifts appear between aquaman, the jla, superman and the government - next issue you open is jla and a distress call for the jla shows everyone happily singing kumbayah. same with the green lanterns. and im not sure but i think i even saw hal jordan, despite him actually having to be trapped in the ember zone - but i could have mixed that up. either way. not the best jla and definetly not a contender for best series so far.


    teen titans - dissapointed for now. league of assasin arc was mediocre and felt forced for teambuilding - character development is not handled well for now.


    will update

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    What issue of Superman & the Flash are you on? Action Comics, Superman & the Flash have been my favorite rebirth comics so far

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    i just finished the superman reborn issue so i am kind of halfway through everything. the fog thickens and i like it.

    also i just read before watchmend: dr manhatten and the feats are amazing. universal+ dr manhatten is confirmed which is awesome.

    aside from that it was really annoying to have a quarther of the last issue or so be upside down. almost broke my neck reading it

    edit: also interesting to see he is german. wasnt expecting that

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    okay so i just read the titans made in manhatten arc. and i feel just like psimon.

    how the f. could duncan, a civilian who just found her powers basically 1 second ago, manage to overpower the fearsome five in a couple of panels when prior to that they clearly outmatched, outsmarted, outplayed the entire team of titans with heavy hitters and experienced warriors like donna, garth, wally, lilith etc.?

    that gives me "gotham pummels the JL" vibes and it was the first time i shook my head in the rebirth series for the titans.

    aside from that i love the extra mile the authors go to build up relationships. you really can see them getting close to each other.

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    just finished green lanterns polarity

    my god this is heavy shit. i was hoping so so much that dr polaris somehow manages to save his brother. the way simon desperately tried to help in a last resort with his ring who can work wonders...

    only to see it fail and the brother dying away on the bed...

    damn son. wasnt expecting that

    then the feat

    polaris literally looking up the sky and forcing the entire watchtower down the city

    it took both lanterns 100% willpower to barely stop it. this guy is a BEAST.

    also funny that not a single member of the JL gives a shit about a distress call of this magnitude. all were like

    i rate this mini arc 9/10. nice cliffhanger in the end too

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    okay so i just read the button 4 parter and it was honestly...okayish

    yes, in the bigger picture it is a huge reveal and has significant story impact but i kind of didnt feel anything too special when reading it. mainly did it only for the exposition and for understanding the growth of the story.


    on the contrary i am in the middle of probably the first JL arc i really enjoy so far with endless (timeless made no sense to me at all but i understand it was to build up the entire thing with superman being the odd one out but meh)

    endless on the other hand is a really interesting read through with that groundhog day and causality problematic. also yet again the flash is the source of all evil

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    first issue of super sons. so far great read.


    you done goofed up now boys

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    alright so the more i read the more i am convinced that green lanterns and aquaman are the best ongoing series.

    its a fresh perspective to see the way green lanterns handles the cruz/baz thematic. with how jessica has to overcome her fear over and over again, how she has this unique potential, carrying the one ring, going in for baby steps one at a time and how she questions her abilities - not only in the green lanterns issues but also seeing it translate to JLA volumes.

    great moment with how she thought ww was training her but instead ww mentioned she was training with them - gives you a vision how low in the pecking order she sees herself, despite all the capabilities she has

    baz having to rely on his gun and how it was expanded upon in the batman crossover was magnificent. never thought much about it and thought it was a gimmick. to see him actually resorting to it because despite his positive attitude him still doubting himself was interesting to see. glad they used that form of character development when he increased he skill and performance with kyle and it even being mentioned in later issues "no more gun"


    aquaman - my favourite. the way arthur had to deal with the entire surface and atlantis issue, having to fight a war, going into deep politics, uncovering a conspiracy was magnificent.

    and it just picked up from there, which i was not expecting. the way they discovered the link to another planet and arthur made the exact same call he previously ascribed the surface to do - relying on a preemptive strike because he did not understood what was going in was beautiful.

    and the overthrowing of him as king because his progressive views are seen as weakness is an interesting turn of events. i also like how that played out to a JLA issue where mera roflstomped the entire JLA while running on dry (mera you bad mofo) and how they try to intervene from the outside while arthur, presumably dead, tries to get back on top of his game from the inside


    interesting to see where this all leads

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