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you think hes only slept for 3 hours a day for 10 years?

stop sucking his dick so hard, hes getting published in weekly shonen but cant meet the quota. i would say they should can his series but like that will ever happen. weekly shonen is going down the toilet.

4-5 years from now i think most if not all mangas will be self published directly on to the internet
I aint sucking his dick . Get ur info correct before speaking

For Spoiled 'One Piece' Fans: Here's What Oda's Schedule Looks Like
By Osvaldo Nunez | Oct 11, 2015 06:56 PM EDT


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one piece
(Photo : Facebook/One Piece Luffy)
It's hard to think that artists who are paid to draw awesome manga have such strenuous lives. In the case of manga writer Eiichiro Oda, life just isn't that easy.

Eiichiro Oda is the creator of the best-selling manga in Japan "One Piece." Oda was 22 when he started writing it and now he is 40-years-old. To add to that, he himself said that "One Piece" still has around a decade left of story to tell.

18 years into production for the popular manga series, Oda has remained loyal to a certain schedule that allows him to write the amazing chapters he does. After all, attention to the manga's story and visuals requires a great deal of concentration and productivity from the artist/creator.

A typical day for Oda looks like this:

He wakes up at 5 a.m. and begins his work, only taking breaks for everyday things like eating and showering. By 2 a.m., his work is over but so is his day.

This is his regular routine, so one can imagine what his schedule looks like on busy days. Oda himself stated that he rarely takes weekends off.

Here's his process of writing a "One Piece" chapter:

Monday through Wednesday, Oda lays out how the chapter will go and character dialogue. Thursday through Saturday is spent drawing and inking. Oda uses Sundays to color and takes care of other things regarding the chapter.

Whenever Oda does get a day off, "One Piece" fans are livid everywhere. Sometimes we forget how spoiled we are.

So whenever Oda does get a day off, what exactly does he do?

"I meet up with my old assistants, or with other manga artists or friends who have helped me out, and we catch up with each other and talk about what we've been up to," he said.

"One Piece's" chapter count is up to 803 so far with no signs of stopping. For the sake of Oda's health and the longevity of the manga, perhaps he should take a few more days off, right?
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Yet the above punk thinks Oda schedule is propanganda