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    Nick Fury in 2017

    Marvel is releasing a new ongoing solo series for Nick Fury this April. Written by James Robinson who some of us might remember for his works with Zero Tolerance and Captain America during the Heroes Reborn years, but don't run yet! He's an Eisner Award winning writer who's also done Cry For Justice! Oh damn... Uh... Okay, but he did write that great Shade mini and his work in Scarlet Witch has been really good. And honestly he's done some other good stuff here and there. It'll be drawn by ACO, who currently is best known for drawing Squadron Supreme for Marvel, but you guys probably know him for his work on Deathstroke. He's good at it.

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    So ol' Nick (at least the new Nick), has a series again and it promises to go back to the old fashioned spy thriller comics of yesteryear. While still undoubtedly it will have issues with superheros and the like, this series is going to deal with spy/counterspy/secrets and the like with a lot of moral gray/heart in the right place mentality. Flying cars, gadget watches, codenames, secret hideouts, double crosses, triple crosses, infiltration, and more are what Marvel promises inside the pages. Whlie I was giving Robinson a bit of shit up there, I'm pretty comfortable with him in this title since he actually writes out mystery pretty decently.

    And did I mention that ACO was the artist? The interior art is dynamite so far and reminiscent of Steranko's art for Nick Fury having that sort of super tech imagery and dynamic look.

    I'll check it out, and I hope you do as well.

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    Why does it look like some andy warhol art piece?

    Thanks to Myst~

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    Why does it look like some andy warhol art piece?
    Nick Fury in the comics had more than a little bit of that going on.

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