Feels weird starting this one at issue 8, but that's the dice roll for now.

Great mid series issue. Cyborg has gone through a lot, but maintains the heart of a hero despite the doubts instilled into him about his origin and his father's possible perception of him. Gotta love how Cyborg busted in and got himself rebooted, and that ending. The possible strain this may cause promises to be pretty rough with the revelations being promised in Cyborg's production history.

Also, I love how quickly it derailed and got everything back on track within two issues. Cyborg with every issue proves more and more how he deserves to be a Justice League member. It's not that he never deserved it before, or that the Teen Titans (or Titans) demand a lesser character... But Cyborg definitely comes out as a more premier and leaderbound member here.

The art. Jesus Christ the art is so good in this series, and the creative team behind this series gets better and better by the issue.

But the unwitting accomplice? One of the best parts of the entire issue when Cyborg promises him an easy exit only to find out his Boom Tube was sabotaged.