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    Quote Originally Posted by Iconic View Post
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    Hello friends ◠‿◠

    I go by Iconic. This was derived by some misguided sense that I needed a cool adjective as my username. I am your quintessential 19-year old: I love to talk and read manga, I'm a huge music fan, I enjoy socializing and I have the attention span of a young preschooler. I'm also significantly taller than most girls in my university. I've always preferred the forum culture, especially one as tight knit as this so I hope to enjoy my stay!
    19 years old? you're in your prime

    anyways welcome, post more and you might truly become iconic

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    Welcome but ehm...

    You're irrelevant.

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    @Iconic; welcome
    What are you top ten favourite completed mangas? Top ten favourite ongoing ones?

    enjoy your welcome rep

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