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    Prime Joichiro vs EoS Hayama

    Joichiro at his best goes against Hayama at his best. Who wins?
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    Obviously Hayama.

    The main rival of the MC will also surpass the old generstion's top dog.

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    Going with Joichiro

    Feel like Souma will surpass Hayama and later surpass Joi near the end of the series.

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    Jou looks way more impressive than Hayama will be right now, Hayama will need lots of crack to keep up.
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    Obviously Hayama.

    The main rival of the MC will also surpass the old generstion's top dog.

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    Jou no contest

    Hayama got defeated by Souma before him and the rest were going to train with Jou

    Like Hayama's gonna be relevant again

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    if you actually, genuinely think hayama takes this, then that is a level of cognitive dissonance i have not yet seen on here. i see no other way to phrase it - that is such blatant misunderstanding of multiple core elements in the manga that it's alienating how you could possibly come to such a conclusion.

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    Lmao, NO ONE is beating Ashura except his own son.

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