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    Russian ambassador shot dead in Turkey

    A gunman has shot dead Russia's ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, apparently in protest at Russia's involvement in the Syrian conflict.

    Several other people were reportedly also injured in the attack, a day after protests in Turkey over Russia's military intervention in Syria.

    According to Russian TV, the ambassador had been attending an exhibition called "Russia as seen by Turks".
    Police later "neutralised" the gunman, reports say, without giving details.
    Mr Karlov was rushed to hospital, reports said, but his death was later confirmed by the Russian foreign ministry.

    Video of the assassination (NSFW obviously):


    The shooter has been killed by Russian SWAT forces.

    (NSFW obviously)

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    In your heart

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    Disgusting! Action will be taken!

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    Looks like PoPs

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    USA behind this shit. So obvious.

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    Oh shit.
    I'll protect you this time. I promise.

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    Things look bleak

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    this isn't good

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    first a jet now an ambassador

    this is by no means good

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    2016 just gets better and better ._.

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    This has the potiental to go from bad to worse real quick. Chilling parallels to Archduke Ferdinand.

    Islamically, the man was considered a musta'min, a protected dignitary from a foreign land, and therefore taking his life was haram even if he is considered an enemy. This is similar to the unspoken rule of not shooting the messenger, practiced by most cultures throughout history.

    But one also needs to look at situations like this from a holistic perspective. Meaning, you need to understand the situation that led up to the action. In this case it's obvious that the constant intervention and murder of civilians by the Russian military led this man to commit murder.

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    this smells like 3rd party involvement to me

    who would benifit if russia decided to bomb turkey?.. couldnt possibly be the jews

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    Setup...By who? Unknown...ambassador does not just walk around in public places to give speeches without any other security personnel...

    This whole fiasco is just a setup piece hoping that war will ensue, by fueling the fire with the correct ammunition.

    Either way, Russia is not going to over react in this matter, this isn't Lavrov or Churkin that we are talking about, but there will be consequences.

    Either way all we can do is watch from the sidelines...

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