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    KickassTorrents supposedly returns

    Today is the big day as (KATcr) has now launched a fully operational torrent site, which looks identical to its predecessor. The site starts with a clean user database but many members of the original staff are on board.

    “The majority of our original Staff, Admins and Moderation team joined us after went down – which is something we’re very proud of. This shows the loyalty, dedication and real love for KAT that we all share,” The KATcr team told TorrentFreak.

    At the original KAT, site administrators and crew were clearly separated from those who technically and financially ran the place. This means that the people in charge of KATcr didn’t have access to the original code and data.

    Still, they managed to put together bits and pieces to make it look identical, so former KAT users should feel right at home.


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    not working for me, I think they already brought it down
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    not working for me, I think they already brought it down
    Update: The site appears to have some technical issues, as it went down after a short while.

    Update: KATcr’s Mrs.Smith says that the overwhelming amount of traffic is causing the current issues.

    “We’ve had a massive response from the torrent community! Unfortunately, the servers are having difficulty balancing the load of the absolutely huge amount of users on line at the same time. Tech are on it and will no doubt have it sorted out as soon as possible.

    “On the positive this is an absolutely overwhelming response to your excellent article so thank you very much to your and your team.”

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