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    What's Going on In Syria?

    I'm unaware of the situation in other countries, but the English have constantly been old of the horrors that have occurred in Aleppo under the Assad regime daily for years now. The BBC and Channel 4 in particular have had extensive coverage on Syria as a whole.However, if you switch away from the media powerhouses, you get vastly differing reports, with some attacking the credibility of the mainstream media:

    I've been saddened by what I've read about the goings on in the country, but I want to hear different opinions to get a better picture of the events unfolding there.

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    What's going on in Syria?

    Bullets, mostly.

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    Blood of innocent people is being shed, Assad is not the only to blame but he is a piss of shit. Aleppo is being bombed and other Syrian cities. It's make me sad when ever I see a pic of a dead Syrian child.

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    Terrible things happening. This is the most bloodshed part of the Syria war.

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    Assad is not the only to blame but he is a piss of shit.
    Accurate tbh

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    Basically, protests turned into Assad forces using excessive force which eventually turned into a full scale war. Eventually other parties stopped in (around 12 nations are directly involved right now IIRC) and so it's basically become a proxy war between various factions.

    All while the world watches in relative silence. And then some of those same leaders complain about refugees.

    And RT is the biggest source of propaganda about Syria out there since Russia is pro-Assad.

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    RT is awful they were bad in the past but now its just flat out russian Propaganda

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    The children being killed and wounded photos and videos are so haunting, recently I watched some videos of those poor children and man has that fucked up my week let alone day ...

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    Looks like the most recent ceasefire is breaking or broken. What a surprise.

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