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    Nice setup chapter. We've been waiting for this glaive to finally be used for so long.

    Kinda odd Shin is just jumping into it with this glaive though. Or is the actual battle still a while away?

    And that Ousen hype is insane. Also, it's nice to have confirmation that everyone knows he's up to no good.

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    "let me catch as many Pokemon as I wanted in this campaign"
    "give me that nice mountain Pokemon if I succeeded"

    anyway, am i the only one who think that Hara has just got Shin a debuff for the upcoming Batei vs Shin? We all know that realisticly Batei shouldn't even pose a threat to Shin who managed to duel Gaimou. but with this he can pretty much cook up a "not used yet with the weapon" excuse

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    Shin vs Batei had a few difference makers tbf. Shin was on the ground and unprepared. Batei was mounted on higher land.

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    I think the part that matters most is the one armed horse leg breaking swing Batei did.

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    Strength and ability aren't always the same tho

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    true, but as a guy that exchanged barrages with Gaimou, a one armed strike shouldn't do that much to him

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    Hold up.

    Kyoukai doesn't know about the plan to attack Gyou?

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    Ouki and Ousen? Going to pick this up again

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    Great that we get some more backstory on the 6GG, always wanted to know more about them. It's also nice that Shin is starting to use Ouki's glaive now, if the glaive is so hard to get used to I wonder why he didn't use it for some training when he got back in Qin. I'm assuming this is a way to nerf him before he gets really really OP later in the series.

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    here tokay
    Koku*ou gets recognized by peasants? Ok, as the only woman she sticks out, why not.

    Anyway, legendary as devastating (poor Hakuki) hype for Koshou. And thus Ousen.

    Not that it matters, as Shin one day will carry Ouki*s glaive, The Duke*s shield and Ousen*s mask.

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    I am really, really hoping we see some major instinct from Shin in this battle.

  12. #32
    Riboku said that major wars promote growth the most so I'm assuming we will.

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    I hope Shin will use that instincts to launch a surprise attack at a retreating Riboku near the ending of the war after being dealt a devastating defeat at Ousen's hand.
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    Why has the title not been changed to 499 yet?

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    Is there a break this week ?

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    Another break? OMG, this Hara wants to kill us.

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    Magazine break this week. Chapter next week, magazine break the week after, then normal schedule.

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