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    Official 2016 TMF Awards Thread

    I'll be using this thread to keep track and post all results. With the year coming to a close, we will be looking back at 2016 and voting for the best of the best. Below are the categories that you will being nominating to move forward the final tournament. In the tournament you will be voting for which ever you like.

    Link to Member award nominations -

    Link to Moments award nominations - coming soon @Marvel Comics;

    2013 awards -
    2014 awards -

    Best member of the year - Albion, Crispy, Great Potato

    Worst member of the year - LordPerucho, Tifa, COV

    Breakout member- Kong, Albion, Anna

    Biggest repwhore - Y, Void, Nightfall - TMF-Biggest-Repwhore-of-the-Year

    Best staff - Dofla, Great Potato, Y - Best staff thread

    Worst staff - VICE, Pops, Ichiyruu, Crispy, Y - Worst staff thread

    Contributor of the year - Albion, Murphy, Hendrix - Contributor of the year Thread

    Best spammer - Void, Rax, Crispy

    Best rookie- Featherine, Meru, Kangsta - TMF-Best-Rookie-of-the-Year

    Gayest member - Crispy, Allara, Walk

    Best Debater - Pacfisita, Great Potato, Dayum

    Smartest Member - Y, Cormag, Ultra

    Nicest Member - Albion, Crispy, Mak - Nicest-Member-of-the-Year

    Most Missed Member - Anna, Tifa, Tendou, Kusa

    Most Improved Member - Femto, Jjcb, Slayer

    Dumbest Member - COV, Erkhan, ReXDrake

    Biggest Wanker - Rax, HisMajestyMihawk, COV - Biggest wanker thread

    Best Looking member - Loki, Alias, Crispy - Best looking member thread

    Most Overrated Member - Pops, Tifa, Cake

    Most Underrated Member - Anna, Schnarf, Allara - Most underrated member thread
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