View Poll Results: Alakazam vs Entei

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  • Alakazam

    13 65.00%
  • Entei

    7 35.00%
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    R4M3: Alakazam vs Entei


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    They are both good Pokémon, but I prefer Entei a bit more.

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    I like Entei but with Arcanine in the tournament he feels a little unnecessary. He's too similar and I like Arcanine's design and combat abilities much more. Arcanine can learn a shitload of both physical and special moves of both types, he also has recovery, status, and great abilities.

    Entei has a shallow movepool, is more or less a 1 trick pony physical beast. So Alakazam gets my vote here since I put one in for Arcanine. Even without it I'd probably still vote Zam

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