Welcome to the second Pokémon showdown tournament. The last one hosted by X was randbat, which is basically six randomized Pokémon handpicked for you and you battle it out with the opposing player. This time around, you'll have the opportunity to use your creativity and build your own team. You are free to choose any Pokémon. However, we are playing with smogon's ban list, so you'll be disqualified for picking anything from that list. For those unfamiliar, the ban list exists because they are deemed to strong and oppressing for competitive play

We'll be playing on Pokemon Showdown.


[Gen 7] Pokebank OU
Best of three
Single elimination

If you're interested in participating, simply type In and your timezone to make it easier to schedule battles. I'll close the sign ups when we get a respectable amount of sign ups. This is going to be fun so don't be afraid to sign up

Timezone: EST -7
1. Loki