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    Rate Toriko out of 10

    Taking everything into account. The story, the characters, the art, the ending etc.

    I'll need some time to think about my vote, but I'm sure some of you already know your opinion on the series as a whole now.

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    It dipped in quality once it started rushing full speed to its conclusion, but it never failed to entertain despite some of its flaws.

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    7/10 for me.

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    8/10 if I take into account that he's been rushed to finish the series.

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    6-7/10. Got really iffy towards the end due to rushing. Main characters were not given enough focus.

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    10/10. Everything that I got was more than satisfactory even if I didn't get to see everything I wanted to or hoped to. Loved the designs, loved the powers & abilities, loved the story, loved the villains, loved the fights, loved the scale, etc.

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    It finished? Damn

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    I don't see how a series that's lower than a 8 can offer this much entertainment/unpredictable events. I would've given this series a 9 (before the rushing) and probably a 9.5 if we didn't skip the area's and saw everything.

    Toriko had a strong ending. It could've been A LOT worse. Toriko's wedding was an amazing chapter and executed extremely well; it was a pleasant surprise. The final chapter was good.

    Tbh I think the human world act can be pretty over-wanked at times from people moaning about the gourmet world saga. That had it's flaws too.

    Shima should've started the gourmet world saga with a Komatsu retrieval arc. I don't get why that was so hard to do. It could've been just as short as the billion bird arc. Then do a timeskip...he already had the setup for the retrieval arc so why did he back out? It's weird. Plus, he could've foreshadowed Toriko's OP smelling ability/switch then reference it later.

    Oh yeah, Shima is up there with Oda in terms of foreshadowing. This dude does a lot and it's very subtle at times which I respect.
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    8/10 before the axe, 5-6/10 after it

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    I fucking edited my previous post and deleted my message

    Well, I loved everything about it, world building, characters, plot twists. Toriko was the only manga that I was looking forward to every damn week, despite reading great series like OP/Gintama/HxH etc. In that aspect, Toriko was superb. I always wanted more and now that it ended, I feel that freaking emptiness inside of me.

    Art was pretty epic, especially in the GW. I loved all the designs and beautiful sceneries. Though gotta admit, proportions of some characters looked pretty weird sometimes pre-time skip

    Were there problems? Yea, skipping Areas kinda hurts even now and some little things here and there bothered me a little bit. But overall, it doesn't matter, as long as plot keeps you in suspense and wanting more, these things doesn't mean anything.
    Toriko is for sure my favourite series and I'm gonna miss it so much, but I'm glad it ended the way I thought it would, with neverending journey ahead of them.

    Would be probably better to rate it after some time, I still haven't absorbed everything. I'm gonna reread it as a whole once again for sure and see if my rating changes or not.
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    9/10 to me, but it's a bit unfair for the series. I mean, I can't give it a 10/10 because the forced ending forced the author to skip important parts of the story and some characters were off-paneled too much because of that.
    But besides that, it's the shounen with the best overall plot I've read -it always had a good explanation for anything it happened, a really good story that hasn't been fully developed but that unlike other big shounens like OP, Naruto or Bleach always delivered in spades when it had to-, the best world building of any manga I've read -not only the earth was amazingly well designed, the biggest quality in my opinion was the food-centric morals of its characters and how besides being pretty different than our morality it had it's logic and it was portrayed well enough so we could empathise with the characters-, it had some of the best fights of any shounen I've read, it had an amazing tone -brutal when it needed to be brutal- and it never had a chapter where you could say nothing had happened.

    A 9/10 to a series with such qualities is unfair, because then nearly every other shounen that hasn't tried to do what Toriko has done should get a 8/10 at max. So it's a 9/10 of my post-Toriko scale, which is a 11/10 of my pre-Toriko scale when it comes to shounen mangas.

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    9/10 first half. 6/10 second half. Averages out at 7.5. Good, above average, but was very sadly cheated out of becoming the true classic it clearly had the potential to be.

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    It start dropping towards the end except for the fights, my god! The fights!

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