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    No need to fight about the situation.

    If I'm no good, then feel free to axe me.

    Or make me the gaming section contributor, I'm active there a lot. Should have actually taken that position when Dofla asked, but I don't think it needed one.

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    Like I said don't take it to heart Femto. I hope you do well

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    I won't, but honestly speaking I know I would do better job as gaming section contributor.

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    Honestly Im just making threads in the cafe because I like the section, and im sure thats why MC is doing it too and everyone else. Its a cool place when its active. I was never gunning for that spot, I didnt even post in the cafe contributor thread pops made. Thanks though poopy and gl femto, if you want to make it active go for it

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    Congrats, Femto.
    "You are not prepared!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pimp of Pimps View Post
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    Not how the positions works. If Femto isn't up to snuff we'll axe him.

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    We should axe this Femto guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Master Mirror View Post
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    We should axe this Femto guy.

    do the right thing and step down

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    I was wondering why your name was a different color than mine.

    Congratz man. Now do your job

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    Lmao, the admins on this site are an absolute joke. Definitely ran by buffoons who are blinded by their own ego.

    The "contributor" sure has been contributing a lot.
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