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    Toriko End - Plots left unaswered.

    Toriko ended and I wanted to see people opinion on items left unanswered. Below is a few things I wish author would have touched up before ending the chapter. Please add if you think anything is missed or would like to talk about my wish list below.

    these are the subject I wish he would have touched up before Boriko (see what I did there) comes out in two years.

    1) Not seeing Acacia Disciple eat a full course - From what I gather reading the chapter, Midora never ate the full course. If he did we would have seen his body parts changing into his demon or some sort. So we can assume none of the Disciple ate the full course. I wish they would have ate it to see how powerful they could have been.

    2) Jiro- Did he ever have a Gourmet Demon or was he just that over powering with out it. We can assume he didn't have one but I wish he would have just said it flat out so I don't have to speculate.

    3) The other Heavenly King Gourmet Demon Revival - I wanted to the heavenly king demons come out and interact with them after eating the planet full course. We saw Toriko sort of talk with his demons. I for one loved the stories on the gourmet demons and wanted to see each of them interact with theirs more after a full revival.

    4) Demons who killed neo- Back when they talked about Neo being killed before, they showed a couple of demons that defeated him. I believe it was around 5-6 of them. Three of them being Don Slime, Toriko and Sani. I wanted to see a background story on the other demons.

    5) When the blue nitro made Terry and friend shit their pants - The Blue nitro pulled out some skin of some sorts that made the Terry, Kiss crap their pants. I assume that it might have been skin off Neo but I don't think they ever explained who it belong to.

    6) Zebra - He being my favorite character, I was entrigued to see if he would get a spirit animal. I assume since he picked another it would have been Whale King, or Sky Deer since that where he went originally to capture News. Now I can only speculate he might get one in space. Or maybe he will never get one.

    7) Blue Nitros - Ok blue finally get released and I figure they would have indulge more on blue ingredient and the blue oni inside of Toriko

    8) The three nitro cook - So one guy went into Cryptobiosis, one should have been released from neo and the other from spirit world. It would have been great to see more story on their back ground.

    9) Komatsu Gourmet Demon - WTF explain that shit...

    If you would like to talk about the items I wrote or if there parts of the story you felt was left unanswered please explain below, so we can all get mad with you or maybe answer questions and speculate until he write Boriko in two years.

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    1) They all died before being able to eat full course, at least we got to see their Ichi's and Midora's design.
    2) Pretty sure he never had one, that's what the blue nitro said.
    3) I completely agree, that sucks.
    4) One looked like zebra's and the other reminded me of coco(probably by association) but was noticably different
    5) Yeah that was a piece of Neo.
    6) I love Zebra too but I liked the fact that he didn't have one. He's the most badass of HK, he doesn't need no pet.
    7) Yeah that was only because the series got axed, not enough time.
    8) Would have been nice to see them at the wedding.
    9) I think that was just so Komatsu doesn't look so out of place in the GW, remember him piggybacking toriko in human world.

    As for question left unawnser, I wish we would've had more info on Wings. We know he's from white universe but I thought it was weird that Midora was only scared by him. Since he's from the same universe as Froese I would've have expected Midora to find some king of similarity between his mom's GD and Toriko's.

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    Yep so it seems pretty crazy to me that Acacia (children) never ate the full course meal. At least Midora had the chance to and apparently he refused, even with the earth about to explode. They should have indulge in that some more.

    You talking about Midora being scared of Toriko white demon bring something else in mind. Does that mean each color universe have their own Gourmet King? I'm guessing Neo was black and White oni is the white one. Well if he was afraid i'm assuming is because everyone is scared of their mom.

    I also forgot to mention I wish they would have talked about Midora demon some more.

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    We didn't get any info on Komatsu's GD.

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    Uhhh... what are you guys talking about?

    Midora did eat the Full Course.

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    Midora never ate center or God. Also whatever happen to the NEO wart in space

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    Or the piece of God that flew into space turning into a Saturn like object.

    Gourmet Scars and why White was Toriko's original demon.

    How do Gourmet Demons obtain hosts?

    Who the hell are Teppei's parents?

    - - - Updated - - -

    What was up with the space Cruiser with all the Gourmet Demons together including Neo on the lower tier.

    Errrrrr.........who the fuck was Joa?

    What and where was dining planet?

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    Gift - Damn good ones. I completely forgot about the 0+ members and 7 civilization. So much back story that could have been covered.

    Envy - I'm guessing Neo Wart is good as dead. Especially after seeing all those massive monsters out there. You mean the one Jirou punched right?

    King Bradley - Yep, that one of the unanswered plot I was hoping was answered. His mysterious GC and how the hell does it know how to cook everything.

    Dayum - Oh hell yeah, I forgot about Teppei parents. I was curious about that also. He just skipped a whole generation lol. Gourmet scars was something not talked much about either. A story how specifically Gourmet Demons enter/choose their host would have been great as well.

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    What about the HK FC?
    Coco and Zebra didn't finish their FC

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    1) well, I would also love to see full power Midora and Ichiryuu, but I kinda like the fact that they died without showing 100% of their powers tbh, despite how weird it sounds. I mean, they were pretty OP even without the fc and imo it's ok if it stays like that.
    3) agree man. I like the whole concept of appetite demons and I always wondered what kind of agenda the 3 demons inside of Toriko have. The same thing applied to the demons of other heavenly kings, I thought that them eating GOD would let us see demons like Zebra's talking for the first time while explaining stuff that happened in the distant past.
    4) If I remember correctly, there were 5 demons in that panel - Slime, Red, Satan hair and two others. Since NEO's appearance changed drastically after he came out of Acacia, I think there might be a possibility that those other 2 demons were Zebra's and Coco's.
    6) I kinda liked that horse he borrowed back in the 4beasts arc. I would love if he actually partnered with the newborn herac instead of Moon or Sky deer. But he was the lone wolf, if he had a pet, he would have to share his food and I'm not really sure that's something he likes to do
    7) I love Blue and I honestly hoped that Toriko will somehow eat the Blue fc and revive him. Also thought that Blue Nitros might play a role in that but unfortunately I was wrong. I always wondered what would happen if Toriko ate blue ingredient (other than reviving a respective body part of the demon).
    9) You know, since he appeared in the AIR arc, I always wanted to see more of that demon or at least to see him come out at some crucial time again. Yet the only two times he appeared after that was when Matsu went through the soul gate and when 4HKs, Matsu and Aimaru ate the fc together. Seeing how Shima totally skipped him, which is kinda weird, I realized that Matsu's demon might have been the same demon Frohze had when she was alive. I mean, we've seen that Frohze's demon helped Komatsu to prepare the fc and stuff, even talking to Matsu and telling him how important the compatible ingredients are etc, and note that it was always the demon and never Frohze who helped him.

    What I also wanted to see.
    - Don Slime in Ichiryuu's body going all out (I wouldn't handle that probably )
    - Showing more of the Jirou's and Setsuno's younger days as combo. Like showing us how they obtained at least one of the ingredients on their fc.
    - Match being relevant (like having a solid fight). Not him just stirring the God soup in A6.
    - Ofc, having at least mini-arcs for A5/A4/A3. I loved the combos Jiji made and it would be so damn interesting to see Zebra and Branchi fighting together, Sani arguing with Livebearer, or talkless Coco/Tairan combo. That being said, since the 3HKs are already on their space adventures, it would be nice to mention that all three of them also formed combos with their respective combo partners from the GW. It would also be a nice way to finish 3HKs fcs, to make their final ingredients something memorable they would eventually obtain with their combobros.
    - Demon king. Demon fucking king. Shima went and confirmed pretty much that he was the real deal. There were also 2 totally random guns and one giant bullet flying around in the last panel, so he is my prime suspect as the user
    - Furthest land. I'm really glad we got a little glimpse at what it is, but Shima just confirmed how epic that place must be. Like the true end goal of the gourmet journey, a place where you get after obtaining all 5 universal fcs.
    - How did Frohze and Acacia meet.
    - Terry Kiss and Quinn encountering Guinness / Emperor crow / Mothersnake and proving themselves as the worthy successors.
    - How did Acacia meet Joa and who the hell was it in the first place? That dude obtained the ingredient that has 0.01 sec opening every million years. Would be cool if we got to see Toriko and Matsu finding it and actually using back channels for the first time.

    I don't know, there is probably more I forgot but I guess this is enough for now

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Slimy Demon View Post
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    What about the HK FC?
    Coco and Zebra didn't finish their FC
    That's not even part of the plot and we know they went to space to complete it. It'd be cool if the final volume showed us their main courses (the ingredients they found).

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