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    192 spoilers

    -Erina is relieved to hear Souma won
    -Azami's aide appears and tells them Hayama is expelled
    -it is also announced that all the rebels are expelled, including Alice and Kurokiba
    -Erina is shocked and races to the examination hall where Tadokoro and Takumi were
    -The both passed. To pass the test, all they had to do is to make Rindou say their dishes were delicious
    -Souma thinks they can overturn the expulsions if they beat the majority of the elite 10

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    Knew it that Takumi and Megumi would pass.

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    I can't say I''m surprised or disappointed about how Megumi and Takumi won because I knew how whimsical Rindou can be, and her not totally being dedicated to the central cause.

    The only annoyance is the part about Soma thinking they can realistically over-turn the expulsion, as it means there's a chance he starts beating them.

    Also RIP Alice

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    Yeah the Souma part was pretty bad. Hopefully he doesn't actually try to beat the majority of the Elite Ten and actually does.

    We didn't even see Alice do anything of note after the Stagiaire, figured we would at least see this.

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    EVERYONE WAS EXPELLED?? Authors got balls if he can make at least 50 % of them stick

    Friggin Takumi and Megumi got the easy way out
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    You told me hayama wasn`t expelled after their match. Well look who had right.

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    You weren't right though.

    You stated that Souma and Hayama both bet expulsion from the school if they lost which wasn't the case. It wasn't a Shokugeki just an exam if the rebels failed they get expelled and Azami expelled Hayama after he lost.

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    Does the last spoiler suggest they`ll be saved from their expulsion.

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    So I guess Alice and Kurokiba were beaten by the elite 10 too? Kind of disappointed to be honest. Every notable match Alice has been in has been a loss.

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